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About Glenn Garrett Williams

Pastor Glenn Garrett Williams is a dynamic preacher, teacher and visionary leader armed with the uncompromised word of God. This anointed man of faith has a dual calling to the Pastoral Ministry and Marketplace ministry. He is the founder and Senior Pastor of Greater Works Christian Center International, located in Hammond, Indiana.

He also founded Glenn Garrett Williams Ministries which has evolved into an arm of outreach for Equipping, Developing, Guiding and Encouraging this generation of believers to win in life through Jesus Christ by teaching, preaching and demonstrating the Uncompromised Word of God. This evolution gave birth too many of the churches ministries and auxiliary groups. His passion for winning souls to Jesus is helping believers to discover their God intended potential and purpose, through faith in the word of God. He is committed to the integrity of turning failures into successes. This is evident in his love for Jesus and His people.

Through 15 years of faithful service in the marketplace, as a watchman on the Riverdale Police Department, he has served as a youth specialist, as a detective, was appointed as Chaplain and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. In the spirit of Joshua, this proven leader has developed a keen sense of compassion for the disenfranchised and less fortunate in the same community of which he was also a product of. God has placed a special mandate in his heart for restoration of the people and the ruined places to the Glory of God!

He is a member of Faith Ministries Alliance (F.M.A.) of which he holds his ministerial credentials. Pastor Williams has served over 12 years as a volunteer minister at Living Word Christian Center, in helps ministry capacities including Pastoral Care, as an Altar Minister, the Security Ministry, as an Armor Bearer, the Emergency Prayer Line and on the Evangelism team. Pastor Williams has also ministered at weddings, funerals and conferences, locally and internationally. Pastor Williams has written three books which will be released in the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2020.

Glenn Garrett Williams
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