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Our First Lady-Pastor – Denise Williams

Minister Denise Williams, born and raised in Chicago, Illinois; was marked for God’s service as she began to hear and recognize the voice of God at a young age. Growing up in church, she increased in wisdom and relationship with God and began cultivating a dynamic singing gift.

After graduating college with a B.A., Psychology from Chicago State University, Denise went to work in the field of Social Services as a Social Worker for D.C.F.S. As she witnessed the epidemic of families struggling with drugs, poverty, violence and despondency, she developed a heart for God’s people and a strong desire for them to be freed from the grasp of satan.

In 2003 she hearkened to the voice of God drawing her back into His Kingdom and alongside her husband was re-dedicated and joined Living Word Christian Center. With a renewed mind and divine direction she abandoned her career in effort to seek God for guidance in His purpose for her life, and to dedicate herself to her own household fulltime. In a season of stillness, where it seemed like nothing was happening, the Lord was preparing her for ministry through concentrated prayer, study, and fasting.Through her husband, the Lord revealed His calling of her family into ministry as Pastors of His people.

Today, Denise is Co-Pastor of Greater Works Christian Center International, an anointed and spiritually pro-active body, located in Hammond, Indiana. Sharing diligently in the ministry with her husband, Dr. Glenn G. Williams, she is the CFO of Glenn Williams Ministries, as well as the Founder and CEO of Wisdom Speaks Aloud, a non-profit organization that is soon to become one of the world’s leading sponsors of missions outreach domestically and internationally.

As an anointed Psalmist she encourages the hearts of people with her dynamic and captivating voice. As the recipient of numerous distinguished honors and awards and has ministered in life-changing song to crowds of thousands. She earned a Master Degree in Psychology with an Emphasis in Christian Counseling from Trinity Christian College. She is nurturing 4 beautiful children who love the Lord and have dedicated themselves to service of the Kingdom of God. In April of 2019, Denise ran a political campaign to serve on the School Board for School District 158 in Lansing, Illinois after hearing the LORD during prayer. Denise was elected and now serves on the school board of which the pastor’s children attend. She is praying for the children and families of her community.

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